Stunning seaview 6 bedroom villa situated directly next to the blue Ionian Sea.

Villa Purple Alcyon main figures
Plot size:4,191.92 sqm
Interiors built
Main House:100.55 sqm
Guest Bedroom 1:27.00 sqm
Guest Bedroom 2:20.70 sqm
Guest Bedroom 3:17.02 sqm
Guest Bedroom 4:27.00 sqm
Guest Bedroom 5:18.00 sqm
Gym & home cinema46.66sqm
Total Interiors251.23sqm
Outdoors built:
Guest & gym terrace:36.54 sqm
Shaded entrance path:34.2 sqm
Outdoor kitchen:43.45 sqm
Guest terrace:18.83 sqm
Living room terrace:11.68 sqm
Master terrace:27.12 sqm
Pool lounge:56.5 sqm
Outdoor lounge:49.54 sqm
Sunbed deck:36.8 sqm
Infinity pool:102.74 sqm
Jacuzzi:15.28 sqm
Entrance path:20.56 sqm
Parking area (4 cars):203.23 sqm
Total Outdoors built:656.47 sqm
Total built up area:907.70 sqm
Landscape garden:3.284.22 sqm