Stunning seafront 6 bedroom villa situated directly next to the blue Ionian Sea.

Villa Indigo Nikiana main figures
Main House: 157.70sqm
Guest Bedrooms: 83.90sqm
Storage & Mechanical: 18.60sqm
Pool’s Mechanical 23.40sqm
Total Interiors 283.60sqm
Terraces: 90.60sqm
Incl. Main Terrace, Bedroom 2 Terrace, Master Bedroom Terrace,
Exterior Kitchen & Dining, Lower Lounge Area
Guest Bedrooms Terrace: 51.80sqm
Deck Area: 15.40sqm
Pool: 67.70sqm
Shaded Area: 63.30sqm
Paths & Steps 29.40sqm
Total Exteriors: 318.20sqm
Landscape / Garden 226.70sqm
Parking Area