Golden Visa Opportunity


Apart from the beauty and climate of Greece, another reason to invest in property is for a Golden Visa…..

Principles of Golden Visa

• The Golden visa is granted when a non EU citizen legally owns or invests in a real estate property with a value of at least €250,000

• Entitlement for the investor, the spouse, unmarried dependent children up to the age of 24 and the dependent parents of both spouses.

• The permit of residence gives the right to the holder to travel to all other EU Schengen with no additional visa requirements.

• The permit of residence is automatically renewed for same 5 years’ period provided the property still belongs to the holder of the permit.

• The holders of permits have the right to access to public health and public education (as Greek nationals).

• The property purchased can be freely rented, therefore giving an opportunity to achieve a return on investment. PDH can provide full rental services therefore taking all the difficulty from the owner.

• The permit of residence grants a RIGHT to live permanently in Greece and does NOT impose an obligation to live in Greece. This means that you can freely choose to live in Greece.

• Acquisition of Greek citizenship by naturalization: The residence permit allows you to access to long term residence status, which is ONE of the qualifications required for naturalization.